veterans medicare

Partial List of Plan Benefits Provided to Veterans:

  • Part B Monthly Premium Rebates (up to $90)
  • Worldwide Emergency Care
  • Rewards for Healthy Living
  • Fitness Membership
  • Routine Vision
  • PPO Dental

Many veterans don’t even realize that they can take advantage of both Veterans benefits and Medicare to optimize their healthcare safety net. While you can use both programs as a veteran, Medicare and VA benefits don’t work together, but can provide a complimentary relationship.

For example, Medicare doesn’t pay for the services that you receive at a VA facility. For Medicare to adequately cover your healthcare needs, you have to receive medical treatment at a Medicare-accepted facility that is in your plan network. If you want to receive VA care, then you must go to a VA facility.

Most veterans use VA benefits at VA-designated hospitals, but in an emergency, patients are taken to the nearest medical facility, which in most cases, is not VA-designated.

Original Medicare Part A and Part B helps veterans get coverage for services that they need at non-VA hospitals and doctors. Medicare Part C – a Medicare Advantage Plan – combines both Part A and Part B along with additional benefits like a free Fitness Memberships and Worldwide protection while traveling outside of the US.

A Medicare Advantage Plan is a Medicare Health Insurance Plan through a private health insurance company that places you under all the same Medicare rights and protections as Original Medicare, but also includes extras on top of the services that you would receive with Medicare Part A and Part B alone.

If you have VA benefits, it’s recommended that you enroll in a Medicare Health Plan as well. While the two work separately, you can get all of your medical needs covered by having these two programs in place.

Medicare Advantage Plans designed for veterans generally don’t include prescription drug coverage since these should be included in your VA health plan, but have zero monthly cost to enroll after you have paid your Part B monthly premium.

We can help you compare plans that give you the extra benefits your entitled to.

Eligibility for a Veterans Medicare Advantage Plan – Part C

• You are enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B

• You live in the service area of the Medicare Health Plan

• You enroll in the plan between October 15th and December 7th

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