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Limited-time promotion for small groups

Give your employees the option of high-quality Kaiser Permanente coverage with this new, limited time promotion. Here’s what you need to know.

What’s the promotion?

New small groups with effective dates 5/1/2019-1/1/2020, will only need 50% health plan participation instead of 70%. *This means only 50% of a small group’s total eligible employees will need to enroll in group-sponsored health coverage to offer Kaiser Permanente as the primary carrier or as the secondary carrier in your plan portfolio.

Am I eligible to enroll my new small group?

Your group only needs to have 50% of your qualified employees participating in a group-sponsored health plan.

  • They enroll in a Kaiser Permanente plan offered by the group
  • They’re enrolled with another carrier’s health coverage plan offered by the group

NOTES – Kaiser will write their HMO plan alongside other carriers (also known as slice) provided that the rates are also age-banded.

  • Kaiser will allow multiple carriers in your portfolio (including SIMNSA)
  • Kaiser will not write alongside the following:
    • CaliforniaChoice
    • Covered CA for Small Business
    • Self-Funded and Level-Funded Plans
    • Taft-Hartley Union Breakaway
    • A carrier with composite rates

*All other small group underwriting guidelines still apply. Please contact us for more information (858) 391-8544.