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California Dental Network offers stable, competitively priced dental plans to individuals and families across state of California and starting as low as $7.95 per month.

Medicare has never covered most routine dental care, so one out of three adults covered by Medicare aren’t receiving the regular dental care they need. Roughly 20 million older Americans are going without bi-annual cleanings, x rays and dental exams – leading to big dental bills. This lack of dental care affects the overall health of the aging population more adversely than it does for those under the age of 65 including the onset of oral health problems like dry mouth, gum disease, root decay and even tooth loss. 

California Dental’s DHMO plans have no deductible nor waiting periods for any covered benefits. You pay only pre-set co-pays for dental work that you receive from ADA accredited dentists within the California Dental provider network.

California Dental offers its members a stable smaller sized network of dentists which will lower your out of pocket costs when seeking dental care.

In addition, California Dental offers two separate Renaissance PPO Dental Plans with no initial waiting period on any benefits, and an increasing annual benefit over a 3-year enrollment period. Most PPO dental plans have a waiting period of 6 -12 months before you can receive treatment for many dental procedures, but not with Renaissance plan offerings. The Renaissance Dental plans offer you first day coverage without a waiting period on any covered benefit and extends a large nationwide network of over 300,000 dental providers which gives you more freedom of choice. 

California Dental’s DHMO and PPO dental plan benefits, rates and provider networks can be access through our customized Quote and Enroll link.


  • The “Shop Plans” tool on the website allows you to compare pricing and benefits on various plans in your service area.
  • The “Find Dentists” tool allows you to access the network of dental providers within a certain mile radius from your home or office zip code.

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