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    Terri Yurek

    1. The Top 10 producing agents YTD will receive 5 free leads. This is a “rolling” tally each month and applies to all Agent Level agents each month
    2. Agents will be assigned an account to register at LeadLink to disposition and place notes on all leads for tracking. NO MORE PAPER LEADS, NO MORE EMAILING DISPOSITIONS, this will all be dashboard driven
    3. For the month of April, 2 free leads per active agent will be assigned
    4. Each agent who sells 5 MAPD plans, get 5 leads
    5. Agents can purchase leads for $12.00 each. In month 1 you can buy 5 and get 5 for free
    6. Minimum purchase of leads is 10
    7. Leads will be primarily California, and also Clark County NV
    8. Leads will be assigned as they come in

    I will also be purchasing some initial leads from the first batch to distribute to get you up and running since we currently do not have a solid and steady flow of leads, but we are working towards that. These will also be free, but it will be based on what is available.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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